Are Motiv Bikes Good?

Anyone who has searched the electric bike market has probably encountered the Motiv brand. If you are unfamiliar with the brand but are considering purchasing one of their products, you might ask yourself: are Motiv bikes good?

Motiv offers high-quality electric bikes at competitive prices. While Motiv is a mid-range brand, its bikes are exceptional value for money. Motiv bikes are expertly designed and powered by innovative lithium battery technology, providing a fast, balanced, controlled, and reliable riding experience.

The explosion of e-bike brands and models is a boon for consumers, but it can be complicated when selecting a bike to purchase! To assist your navigation of the e-bike market here is some knowledge and insight about Motiv bikes, a leading US electric bike brand.

Motiv Bikes: Overview Of A Leading E-Bike Brand

The electric bike market is expanding rapidly as this innovative biking technology becomes more widely available and affordable. Motiv is one of the leaders in this market.

Motiv produces electric bikes for on-road and off-road riding. The company’s corporate headquarters are in Huntington Beach, California. Motiv’s founders are biking enthusiasts who established the company in 2012 with a vision of making high-quality e-bikes available to riders at affordable prices.

Motiv bike designs are conceptualized in the US by the company’s local team. The frames and parts for Motiv bike are produced in Malaysia and China.

Motiv Bike Design, Manufacturing, And Performance

Motiv e-bikes have innovative, reliable, and high-performing frames and components. The bikes also boast a super-stylish beach-cruiser aesthetic.

Motiv bike frames are a strong hydroformed aluminum alloy. These frames are well-balanced, sturdy, and durable.

Motiv bikes have reliable components. For instance, the bikes are equipped with effective Shimano gear systems and tough Kenda tires.

The heart of every Motiv bike is its electric engine. Motiv bikes have a lithium-ion battery (available in 36w and 48w options) that powers a 500w geared-hub motor. The engine design, manufacturing, and placement give riders impressive pedal-assisted and throttle-controlled power and control. 

The battery is strategically positioned at the lowest point in the middle of the frame. This position lowers the bike’s center of gravity, which maximizes riding balance and stability.

Motive e-bike batteries are available in 36w and 48w versions. The more powerful 48w battery is ideal for terrain with steep and undulating gradients, but riders must take care because it has enough power to break 20-mile-per-hour speed limits!

A Typology Of Motiv Bikes

Motiv has a diverse catalog of e-bikes, all featuring the brand’s sleek cruiser design and cutting-edge geared-motor and lithium-ion battery. Motiv offers five on-road bike models and one model for off-road riding. Here are Motiv’s bike models (with their prices):

  • Sleek,
  • Spark,
  • Stash,
  • Sherpa,
  • Werks,
  • Stout.

The Sleek – $1994.99

The Sleek is designed for smooth, comfortable, and easy road riding. This model is similar to the Spark, Sherpa, and Stash but has a step-through design (without a top tube). Here are the Sleek’s basic specifications: 

  • 8-speed Shimano gears,
  • Kenda 26×2.3 inch tires,
  • suspension seat post,
  • Tektro Novella mechanical brakes (w 7” rotor),
  • 26-inch stand-over height.

The Spark – $1994.99

The Spark is one of the most popular Motiv bikes and offers excellent all-around performance on the road.

Specifications for the Motiv Spark are as follows:

  • 8-speed Shimano gears,
  • Kenda 26×2.3 inch tires,
  • suspension seat post,
  • Tektro Novella mechanical brakes (with 7” rotor),
  • 26-inch stand-over height.

The Stash – $1694.99

The Stash is another of Motiv’s on-road bikes that offers a balance of comfort, performance, and stylish design. A distinguishing feature of the Stash is its hinge mechanism on the top tube, which allows riders to fold the bike for convenient transportation and storage. Another advantage is that the Stash has a front suspension system.

The Stash is also smaller and has straighter handlebars than other Motiv bike models.

Here are the specs for Motiv’s Stash e-bike:

  • 8-speed Shimano gears,
  • Kenda 26×2.12 inch tires,
  • suspension seat post,
  • Tektro Novella mechanical disc brakes (with 7” rotors),
  • 20-inch stand-over height.

The Sherpa – 2394.99

Motiv’s Sherpa offers convenience and practicality in urban settings. The Sherpa’s built-in basket frames (at the front and back of the bike) make it unique among Motiv’s bike models. This model has a small frame and a low-profile top tube (like the Sleek) for effortlessly mounting and dismounting from the bike on the city streets.

The Sherpa’s specifications are as follows:

  • 8-speed Shimano gears,
  • Kenda 26×2.12 inch tires,
  • suspension seat post,
  • Tektro Novella mechanical disc brakes (with 7” rotors),
  • 24-inch stand-over height.

The Stout – $2394.99

The Stout is Motiv’s all-terrain bike model. This beef-looking e-bike has a straight handlebar and chunky wheels.

Motiv’s Stout model has these specifications:

  • 6-speed Shimano gears,
  • Kenda 26×2.4 inch tires,
  • suspension seat post,
  • Tektro Novella mechanical disc brakes (with 7” rotors),
  • 24-inch stand-over height.

The Werks – $2644.99

The Werks is Motiv’s premium e-bike for on-road riding.  Motiv’s Werks looks similar to the Spark but has enhanced components and performance capabilities, including sophisticated and reliable braking and front suspension systems.

Let’s examine the specs for the Werks, Motiv’s top-shelf e-bike model:

  • 10-speed free-wheel Shimano SLX gears,
  • Rock Shox XC 28 100mm (with lockout) front suspension,
  • suspension seat post,
  • Tektro Auriga E-Comp-R hydraulic disc brakes (with 7” Rotor),
  • 27-inch stand-over height.

Motiv Bikes: Cons

Now we’re familiar with Motiv’s bike models, let’s consider some of their cons or drawbacks.

Limited Frame Colors

Motiv bikes have a somewhat limited color palette. Some models are available in four to six colors. Motiv produces other models (like the Werks) in matte black exclusively.

Limited Frame Sizes

Some riders express disappointment that Motiv bikes have relatively few size options for their frames.

There are size differences between some models. However, each model is only available in one frame size.

Motiv Bikes: Pros

The pros of Motiv bikes far outweigh their cons. Here are some of the significant advantages of Motiv bikes.


The quality of Motiv bikes is high, especially considering their pricing. Motiv bikes are thoughtfully-designed and manufactured with cutting-edge materials and parts.

Motiv bike frames, tires, gear, and brakes have excellent durability and reliability. The bikes’ batteries and motors also operate dependably and provide a powerful riding experience.

The design and manufacturing quality translate into the bikes’ impressive performance capabilities. Motiv bikes give riders a degree of speed, stability, control, and comfort that rivals many more expensive e-bikes.

Visual Appeal

The timeless, streamlined aesthetic of Motiv bikes gives the two-wheeled machines considerable visual appeal! Motiv’s bikes have a seamless and tasteful combination of classic and hyper-modern styles.

The matte black color theme of Motiv bikes adds to their beauty.

Competitive Pricing

One of the biggest pros of Motiv bikes is their price point. Motive bikes are competitively priced and offer considerable value for money.

The quality and performance of Motiv bikes are higher than many e-bikes in the same price range. Indeed, the bikes Motiv produces for the riding community compare favorably with some higher-priced brands.


Motiv bikes are durable, perform effectively, and look stylish. The bikes are also affordably priced. Motiv e-bikes have innovative designs and skillful craftsmanship with high-quality materials and components. As a result, Motiv bikes offer a speedy, reliable, controlled, and comfortable riding experience.

With these insights in mind, it is apparent that Motiv bikes are excellent value for money and most certainly deserving of prospective e-bike consumers’ attention.


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