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Cycling is one of the globe’s most popular ways to get around, exercise, and see nature through a mountain biking trail. However, if you are looking to give cycling a go, or if you’re looking for a new or upgraded bicycle, you must make the right choice for what you need. With this in mind, you may come across Nishiki bicycles, and knowing if they’re any good is essential before you decide to buy one.

Most Nishiki bicycles sport mostly four or five-star reviews and ratings on online stores. However, this brand has many different bicycles, and according to ratings, reviews, and forums, they can range from brilliant bikes to bikes you would never want to buy.

Considering that this brand has many different styles and bikes to consider when buying one, it is best to look at the best and worst rated and reviewed bikes this brand offers. Though reading reviews and looking at ratings won’t guarantee that you enjoy the bike as much as others, it is an excellent place to start to ensure you do not spend or waste your time and money blindly.

Review For The Best Nishiki Bike For Men

Regarding Nishiki’s bikes for men, one specific type seems to have higher ratings than most others. This specific model of Nishiki bike is a road bike, though some people also use it as a hybrid. Though some people use this bike for off-roading, it is essential to note that it will not last as long since the bike does not get made for that purpose.

Nishiki Men’s Manitoba Road Bike

Bike Type – Road Bike
Frame Sizes – 15″, 17″, 19″, 21”
Average Weight – 27.50 lbs.
Gender – Male
Average Rating – 4.3 Stars

The Basics

The Nishiki Men’s Manitoba Road Bike is one of the most highly rated bicycles sold under the Nishiki brand, with an average rating of 4.3 stars on Dick’s Sporting Goods. This rating means that more than 50% of the reviews are five-star, and very few reviews and ratings are under four stars.

However, there are more things that we need to consider than just the average rating of this bicycle. It is important to note that this bicycle comes in four different sizes, so be sure you are comfortable with the one you choose. It would be best if you also considered the weight if you may use a trailer, carrying the bicycle, and the amount of work you will need to put in to make this bicycle go uphill.

The Review

This bicycle has an aluminum frame making it a lightweight bike and a brilliant bike for any beginner. Though some of the components aren’t the best, they can easily get replaced, and if you practice good bike maintenance, this bike should keep you happy for a long time. The most significant issues with this bike are the lack of a kickstand and the seat that may be uncomfortable for some to use.

Everything considered, this is an excellent bike to buy for the price. The gears shift relatively well, with very few exceptions, and the brakes are also perfect for a bike of this price. One thing you should do before you make your purchase is getting a different bike seat if you notice this one isn’t comfortable since that seems to make or break the experience with this specific bicycle.

Review For The Best Nishiki Bike For Women

For the sake of finding the best bike that is non-electric, we found that the most highly rated Nishiki bike for women is one made to be a hybrid bike. You can use this bike on dirt roads like walking paths if you want to get off the roads and on regular roads or sidewalks.

Nishiki Women’s Anasazi Hybrid Bike

Bike Type – Hybrid bike
Frame Sizes – 15″, 17″
Average Weight – 32.56 lbs.
Gender – Female
Average Rating – 4.3 Stars

The Basics

Except for the electric bike, this is the highest-rated women’s bike on Dick’s Sporting Goods, making it a pretty solid choice for a bike that can handle both on the road and on trail roads. However, it is essential to consider that this bike is not made specifically for either of these two purposes, which may be why it is a bit heavier than road bikes for ladies.

With this in mind, the bike’s weight is still small enough to quickly get it on a trailer or bicycle bar if you need to move it before using it. Additionally, there are only two sizes for this bike, so it is beneficial to choose the right size for you, and if you can, it is best to look at it in-store to see which one of the sizes will fit you best.

The Review

The aluminum frame of this bicycle is one of the reasons it is so easy to handle and transport. Though it’s not the lightest frame, it is easy enough to pick up, load onto a trailer, or attach to a bicycle rack if you know how. With this bike and the previously mentioned one, the biggest complaints are the lack of a kickstand and the uncomfortable seat when you first buy the bicycle.

Again, this bike comes highly recommended if you are a beginner or want to experiment with off-road or on-trail trips. Some of the best-highlighted factors that make this bicycle great are the responsive disc brakes, which are very important when on a trail, and the easy-to-use 24 gears, which shift without a problem. However, one thing to mention is that you may need a different seat.

Review For The Best Nishiki Bike For Boys

Whether you’re looking for a bike that needs to help a boy learn how to ride or looking for one they can use to join you on some adventures, Nishiki has the perfect bike for you. This specific bike is a mountain bike, which means that the bike will be able to handle going off-road if you are looking to take your child with you on some rough terrain.

Nishiki Boys’ Pueblo Mountain Bike

Bike Type – Mountain Bike
Frame Sizes – 20”, 24”
Average Weight – 33.44 lbs.
Gender – Male
Average Rating – 3.5 stars

The Basics

Despite this mountain bike’s lower rating, many people are pleased with it, but it seems to be a bit of a gamble. This bicycle is the highest-rated Nishiki bike for boys on the Dick’s Sporting Goods website, though the two sizes are sold separately and have different ratings. If you want a beginner bike for your son to join you on your adventures, you may be happy with this purchase.

However, it is necessary to mention that you need to buy a kickstand additionally, and you should only buy this bike in-store since you may need to search to find a kickstand that will fit this bicycle. The bike may also be a little heavy to carry for younger people, so it is best to have a parent help the child if there is any need for help.

The Review

It is simple to understand why many people like this bike and are willing to buy it for their children, especially as a starter mountain bike. This bike has a fork capable of handling most terrains, and the added 21-speed gears are easy to shift. In addition, the brakes also hold up decently, which is very important for a child’s safety when mountain biking.

However, it is essential to consider that not everyone is happy with this bike, and there are a decent amount of complaints about the quality of the bike. Some persons report that the gears get tangled due to a manufacturing malfunction, while others say the handlebars do not stay straight even if the bolt gets tightened regularly.

Unfortunately, it seems this bike is a bit of a gamble, but the price is decent enough to allow you to give it a try yourself.

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Review For The Best Nishiki Bike For Girls

In addition to a mountain bike made for boys, Nishiki also has a bike for girls found at Dick’s Sporting Goods, which is similarly named. This bike allows you to take your youngster with you if you want to go cycling on some rough terrain, and even though the bike got designed with mountain biking in mind, you can also use it on the road, though it isn’t necessarily ideal.

Nishiki Girls’ Pueblo Mountain Bike

Bike Type – Mountain Bike
Frame Sizes – 20”, 24”
Average Weight – 33.07 lbs.
Gender – Female
Average Rating – 3.8 stars

The Basics

This girl’s mountain bike has many great reviews that say that the bike is a perfect starter bike with gears that shift smoothly, adequate shocks, and good brakes. As with the similar boy’s bike, there are two different sizes; both are sold separately but have similar reviews.

However, like some of the other bikes sold by Nishiki, this bike does not come with a kickstand included, so you will need to buy it in addition to the bike itself. There is also the fact that the bike may be a bit heavy for your child to carry, so it is best to have adult supervision if possible.

The Review

This mountain bike is excellent for any girl just starting to cycle, with some reviews saying that the bike is also perfect for someone that hasn’t cycled before. Most of the time, the gears shift effectively, and the levers are easy to reach. The brakes are also adequate and allow your child to stop short of trouble, while the shocks also do an excellent job of absorbing any rough terrain.

However, there is another consideration you need to make before you buy this bike since there is one severe issue that seems to occur quite commonly; the pedals interfere when the bike is turning. It would be best if you bought this bike in-store since you will have the opportunity to ensure the wheels do not touch the pedals.


Some of the bikes made by Nishiki are of excellent quality, while others seem to get made with less care, especially those made for children. It would be incredibly beneficial if you test the bike in-store before finalizing your purchase since this can help you see if the bike is worth the price or not.


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