Are Kent Bikes Good?

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Despite being a relatively unknown bicycle brand in modern society, enthusiasts agree that the company has a long-term reputation for innovation and producing quality bikes. It is known that Kent bicycles were one of the first businesses globally to mass produce bikes with gears, which is a fairly modern invention. Is the Kent bike brand still good, though? 

Kent Bikes remains a brand associated with innovation, quality, and value for money. While Kent Bikes was the first bicycle brand to mass produce bikes with gears, its reputation for modernization remains. The company produces high-quality bikes for competitive and recreational riders. 

While Kent Bikes is not as famous a brand as Specialized and Trek, cycling enthusiasts unanimously agree that the famed bike company remains at the forefront of modern bike technology. Kent Bikes continues to focus on research and development, introducing many modern products into the market. To see how the company gained its reputation for quality and its new offerings, read this article. 

How Good Are Kent Bikes?

To demonstrate the innovation and expertise of Kent Bikes, look no further than its introduction of the `world’s first folding bicycle.

While folding bicycles have exploded in popularity since then, the company was reputable enough to introduce such a risky and pioneering product into global markets without losing its prior market share. The folding bicycle example aside, Kent Bikes has always focused on delivering quality, inexpensive, durable, and appealing bikes.

Furthermore, Kent Bikes has maintained its global reputation for being at the forefront of most new and innovative bicycle technologies. The company has not relied on one specific target market, meaning its wide range of product offerings appeals to competitive and recreational consumers.

While Kent Bikes are not as famous as other leading bike brands, they have been around for decades. The company has always directed its attention toward making the most durable, reliable, and inexpensive bikes possible resulting in its product range appealing to a vast and profitable audience.  

The wide range of quality bike products the company offers means you will find a bicycle that suits your needs. Kent Bikes has a bicycle perfect for you, whether that may be one for the local commute to your place of work, mountainous gravel roads, or on the road with professionals. 

Are Kent Bikes As Good As Their Pricier Competitors?

While Kent Bikes aren’t currently as well known as global brands such as Specialized, the company’s value for money and durability remain completely unmatched. 

Unlike global rivals, Kent Bikes offers a bike for every riding purpose imaginable. Kent Bikes has a bicycle you would love if you want a bike to run down to the shops on weekends. If your kid wants to ride their first bicycle, Kent Bikes has a wide range of appropriate bicycles they will forever treasure. Amazingly, the entire range of bicycle offerings is remarkably well priced.

More specifically, Kent Bikes mass produces and sells various bicycle products such as a mountain, street, BMX, and advanced aerodynamic bikes for road addition, due to the renowned durability of Kent Bikes as a whole, you can rely on your bike to travel as far a distance as you may ever require, often for less than $400.  

Many bike companies offer decent value for money. Although Kent Bikes usually offer more value for your money as they produce bikes with extensive attention to detail, quality craftsmanship, and globally revered durability. Additionally, the bike brand contains many desirable features, enabling them to be ridden in almost any given condition. 

While Kent Bikes are not as inexpensive as some Chinese brands, their durability and value for money throughout their entire product offerings cannot be matched. Moreover, Kent Bikes appeal to an enormously wide range of consumers. However, their main consumer market remains first-time bicycle buyers, as you cannot go wrong with a product within their range. 

What Makes Kent Bikes Good?

There are multiple factors Kent Bikes contain that make them good and desirable to many consumers. Durability and value for money aside, Kent Bikes remains one of the best brands.

Rugged Build

Kent Bikes are known for its rugged build and extensive durability. Industry experts agree that Kent Bikes are built with one goal: to last long, no matter the conditions. 

How the bike is built is a company secret; however, their range can withstand any riding conditions, such as sunny weather, snow, gravel, and tarred surface. While the way the bikes are built is kept secret, it is obvious that their frames are extraordinarily tough and durable due to the high-quality materials utilized in the production process. 

Furthermore, the high-quality materials are combined with exemplary manufacturing techniques and engineering brilliance. The combination of quality material and manufacturing techniques results in a rugged bike that can be used in various conditions, especially in heavy-duty usage. 

Value For Money

It is known that Kent Bikes offers an enormously wide range of bikes to American consumers. In addition, the bikes are inexpensive and can be tailored to suit any buyer’s budget. 

While Kent Bikes are not the cheapest bikes globally or even in the United States, the value for money far exceeds any cheaper competitors, especially those from China. The cheap prices of Kent Bikes should not be mistaken for lack of quality, though, as their entire range can easily compete with far more expensive bikes in this department. 

A perfect example of Kent Bikes’ value-for-money offering can be found in the Thruster T-27 Mountain Bike, which costs just under $300. This bike is directly aimed at first-time male buyers willing to explore outdoor gravel roads. Due to their lack of experience, many opt for a cheaper bicycle to test their capabilities and desire. 

For those consumers, Kent Bikes cannot be matched in any area as they offer a high-quality product combined with a low price, meaning that the consumer effectively has nothing to lose. However, Kent Bikes should not be mistaken for a beginner bike, as the Thruster T-27 suits more experienced riders and cyclists with bigger budgets. 

Exemplary Reputation

Kent Bikes has a long-standing exemplary reputation throughout the cycling community. 

Kent Bikes was founded more than 100 years ago, with the company has been producing quality products each year since then. Customers that have purchased any form of Kent Bike over the years have always been satisfied with the product, leading to many becoming repeat customers.

Throughout its 100-year history, Kent Bikes has been globally revered for producing high-quality, durable, and inexpensive bicycle products, which are not lost on any customer. While there have been a few unsatisfied buyers over the decades, most swear by the brand.

Ride Comfort

While Kent Bikes are mainly known for their high-quality production and durable frames, the ride comfort of the bicycles is also unmatched. 

The frames within each Kent Bike are designed and manufactured by long-time industry professionals. The bike’s design is aimed at being rugged and sturdy; however, the company does not get enough credit for the general ride comfort.

Kent Bikes are enormously comfortable to ride, especially those aimed at first-time buyers and weekend riding enthusiasts. The seats and frames on Kent Bikes are known to easily fit many riders, especially on those long and difficult weekend rides, where saddle pain becomes an issue.

A Size For Everyone

Other bicycle brands, such as Specialized or Trek, have a reputation for quality, although they do not offer a bike size that will fit anyone.

Conversely, Kent Bikes is known for producing many different types of bicycles in all shapes and sizes, which means that you can find a bike that suits your needs no matter how you are built or your fitness state. 

Finding the perfect fit for the bicycle is enormously important and is often a factor between getting injured when riding or enjoying every second of the experience. In addition, Kent Bikes that are ordered online are easy to assemble when they arrive, a distinguishing factor of the bicycle brand. 

Being able to assemble your bike when it arrives easily is important, especially to first-time buyers and those with slightly less experience than professionals. As you can quickly assemble your bike, it is easy to get onto the gravel or tar road easily and quickly, enhancing the entire experience. 

Riding Satisfaction

While Kent Bikes are designed to last with their rugged frame and high-quality materials, the company’s main goal is to increase riders’ enjoyment. 

Any Kent Bike customer will agree that the company produces aesthetically appealing and fun bicycles, no matter your experience level. In addition, the companies’ bikes are agile and fast, leading to customers becoming bicycle enthusiasts for the rest of their lives. 

Quality Features And Specs

It is known that Kent Bikes do not exclusively focus on producing bicycles with the best specs. 

Instead, they focus on manufacturing decent specs at an enormously low price. The bike specs are more than satisfactory for first-time buyers and average cyclists alike for their target market. Once again, the bicycle’s specs align with the company’s fundamental principles and value-for-money objectives. 


Kent bikes are easy to handle and can be ridden as hard as any cyclist may like. The company has an exemplary reputation for innovation, durability, quality, and customer satisfaction. While the bicycle brand is not as famous as some current counterparts, you cannot go wrong by buying one of their models.

While Kent bikes are not as well known anymore, the bike brand was the first to design a folding bicycle many decades ago. The folding bicycle has been copied many times, proving the company’s reputation for innovation, quality, and value for money. Kent Bikes are good, enormously good. Now is the time if you have never purchased one of their bicycles. 


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