Are Walmart Bikes Good?

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Cycling is one of the smart and convenient ways to get around, and if you are looking for a new bike, you’ll be able to find one at almost any big retailer, including Walmart. However, before buying a new bike from Walmart, it is good to know the facts you need to consider. Will you have to keep replacing a Walmart bike, is the best Walmart bike made from quality materials, and are they any good?

Because Walmart likely buys a lot of bikes in bulk, even from reliable and high-quality brands, you may notice that the bikes aren’t as good as you expect. Though you may find some decent bikes at Walmart, because the bikes are mass-produced, they likely get made of cheaper materials.

Before you buy a bike from Walmart, it is good to know what you should look for in a bike, and it is good to know why the bikes you buy at big retailers may not be of the same quality as sports equipment shops. Even though some bikes may boast big and reliable brands, if you see them for sale at big retail stores like Walmart, the quality may be a cause of disappointment or cause you to waste your money.

Are Walmart Bikes Good? – What To Consider

If you are trying to understand whether the bikes sold at Walmart are reasonably good, you will have to look at some aspects of bikes in general. One of the simplest ways to do this is to compare the bikes you find at Walmart with those you can buy at other places.

Below are some of the main points you need to look at when you determine whether a bike is good or not, and some of these may impact some people more than others. It is also best to consider that what some may see as good or bad points can also be the opposite for another person.


One of the first and most important things to know and understand about Walmart bicycles is that there is little to no customizability, which can end up being a big problem for most people. Because Walmart bikes often get bought and manufactured in bulk, there is a “one-size-fits-all” attitude about the bikes, meaning that there is little choice or opportunity to upgrade or customize the bike you buy.

Though this may not be much of an issue for people who fall perfectly into the categories Walmart has bikes for, it may cause some issues when you look at sizings, color, or even more intricate parts like the manufacturing materials or mechanisms.

If you are looking for a beginner bike and may not keep it for too long, buying a bike from Walmart may be fine if you want to upgrade soon but need temporary transport. Considering this, you may not like that there is little you can change about your bike, with minimal choices.

Manufacturing Materials

The manufacturing materials of a Walmart or otherwise mass-produced bike you may find in a big retail store may be less than on par with the standards you are accustomed to expecting. Because big retail stores sell their bikes for prices that are often much cheaper than other places, and they still need to make money, it is only natural that manufacturing materials will be one of the ways they save money.

Because big retail stores need to make money while keeping their products at reasonable prices, you are more likely to find bikes made from mostly steel in their stores. Comparing the steel to the carbon fiber or other materials used by more prominent brands or on higher quality bicycles will show you that the bike will weigh more and may not be up to the standard you want.

However, if you are looking for a bicycle for your child, don’t mind the extra weight, or want to save some money, the fact that the bike gets made of steel may be a non-issue for you.

Product Quality

The quality of bikes found in big retail stores like Walmart, compared to specialized stores like Dick’s Sporting Goods, is drastically different in more than one way. There are two specific areas where the quality of the bike may differ drastically, the assembly quality and the bike’s quality, and the components used to keep the bike functioning.

Looking at the assembly of the bicycle first, it is less likely that the bike you buy from big retail stores like Walmart gets assembled by people who get sufficiently trained to do so. The lack of training or know-how may influence how well the bike works and cause some parts to be damaged or broken.

In addition to this, though you can buy lower-quality bikes at specialized stores, you are likely to receive bicycle components that are superior to those used on Walmart bikes. This factor can influence any part of the bike, including the tires, grips, seat, brakes, and almost any other bicycle component, so it is good to think about when deciding which bike to buy, especially when considering spare parts and maintenance.

Maintenance And Spare Parts

Maintenance and keeping your bike in good working condition are essential if you want to buy a bike that you can use for an extended time. However, this is one area where Walmart bikes may not be the best bikes to buy.

Because Walmart and other large retail stores often make and buy bicycles in bulk, even if the bike brand is well-known, you may be unable to find spare parts for your bike. This aspect is also crucial to consider when you realize that, often, mass-produced bikes don’t stick to the same rules or parts as other bikes, which means you may need a part specifically made for your model.


The price is the last thing you need to consider before buying a bike from Walmart. Though the price of the bike you are looking to buy may be the biggest reason you want to buy it, you need to consider this carefully before you make the purchase.

If you are looking for a bike to start, with the complete dedication to buying a new bike soon, Walmart bikes may be a perfect and cheaper option. However, if you need a reliable, customizable bike with the ability to know you will be able to get spare parts, you may need to look elsewhere.

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For Which Uses Are Walmart Bikes Good?

The type of bikes you may buy at a Walmart or any other large retail store franchise, though not necessarily the perfect bike, still has its uses and can be great for some people.

As stated above, Walmart bikes can be a great way to get started with cycling and can be a fantastic mode of transport if you are on a budget or are in a pinch. Many people started with a Walmart bicycle, planning to upgrade in due time, that they still own and regularly use today.

First, you must test the bike, if possible, before buying it. Doing this will permit you to see how you feel on the bike and allow you to gauge whether the bike will be able to hold up in the long run. Testing the bike is also an excellent way to see if you will be comfortable on the bike, which is essential if you want to use it for a long time or considerable distances.

Walmart bikes may also be sufficient if your child wants a starter bike. Starter bikes are the ones you fall with or crash into things with, which is why many parents get their children cheap bikes at first, and then start upgrading as the child gets more comfortable with cycling.

Many people use Walmart bikes because they cannot afford more durable bikes or because they want temporary bikes. However, it is essential to consider that many of the bikes you find and bigger retail stores like Walmart get made so that it has to get replaced when it breaks instead of getting fixed.

Do Walmart Sell Good Brand-named Bikes?

Walmart, like many non-specialized retail stores, will be able to sell you a bike with a big company or manufacturer name on it. However, it is good to remember that these bikes may still not be the same quality as you expect, especially if the bike price is less than what you would expect to pay for a bike by that specific brand.

Places like Walmart can sell cheaper bikes from big brands because they mass-produce some models of bikes by more prominent brands too. If you glance at the Walmart website and go through the bikes, specifically those from prominent bike brands, you are unlikely to see these bike models sold on the manufacturer or specialized bicycle shop websites.

These bikes don’t always correlate because big retail stores buy lower quality bikes from big brands in bulk, which the brand would not sell by themselves. Doing this allows retailers to sell brand-name bikes, though they are of lower quality standards, while the brand makes money from them and still stays a highly-regarded brand.

If you want to buy a brand-name bike from Walmart, it is best to see if the brand sells the same bike on its website. If they do not, you should probably not put too much trust in the bike you see at Walmart.


Walmart bikes can be suitable for some uses, but there are a lot of aspects you need to consider before you buy one. Even though you may find some sought-after brand bikes at a Walmart, that doesn’t mean that the bikes get made with the same materials or quality. Walmart bikes may be good for some uses, but it is best not to expect too much.


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