Does Walmart Assemble Bikes?

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Walmart has a vast range of products, including bikes. The giant retailer’s catalog includes road, mountain, dirt, and electric bikes. Nothing seems to hold back this store from giving the customer what they need, but are bike customers expected to assemble their newly bought bike themselves, or does Walmart take care of it?

Bikes bought at Walmart stores are assembled by employees with no added expense to the buyer. However, Walmart employees are not trained in bike mechanics and may miss details or factory defects on the bike. Customers are eligible for an exchange or refund if the bike is defective or wrongly sized.

Getting a new bike is always exciting. However, there is a difference in the excitement level between getting an assembled bike and getting your bike in a cardboard box. Which scenario do you get after buying a bike from Walmart?

Will Walmart Assemble Your Bike?

Coming out fresh from the factory, whether they ship to a giant retailer like Walmart or an independent bike dealership, the bikes arrive at the store only partially assembled.

In independent bike stores, trained bike mechanics assemble the bikes once they have been received from the factory. When it comes to Walmart, the giant retailer provides an in-store assembly service for customers (free of charge) done by employees in most of its stores. However, these employees are not trained in bike mechanics.

Walmart stores will usually have an assembled bike ready to go, but sometimes bike customers will need to wait for their bike to be assembled by an employee.

Walmart also provides an at-home service through Handy, where a trained professional will make the trip to your home and assemble the brand-new bike for you, but unlike the in-store service, the at-home assembly is not free of charge.

Are Walmart Employees Qualified To Assemble Bikes?

In truth, in-store Walmart employees who are the ones to take care of assembling your bike are not trained, professionals.

Walmart store employees are capable and responsible for carrying out a wide range of technical tasks, such as unpacking and putting together furniture; however, assembling a bike should be done by a specialist with the appropriate knowledge and tools.

Unfortunately, it is uncommon to find an employee in a big retail store like Walmart who is a qualified bike mechanic. Most in-store employees are not specifically knowledgeable about bikes, which can create some issues during assembly. Additionally, Walmart employees are under time pressure when assembling a customer’s bike, which makes them prone to errors.

There can occasionally be some technical issues with bikes that come out of the factory, which highlights the importance of having someone with a trained eye check for potential factory faults before proceeding with the assembly. Poor assembly or negligence of poor factory assembly can result in:

  • Loose handlebars
  • Loose brake cables
  • Improperly tensioned wheels
  • Underinflated tires
  • Punctures
  • Jumping gears
  • A bike more susceptible to damage
  • Shortening the bike’s life span

Can You Have Bike Purchased At Walmart Fixed At Walmart?

Whether obtained at a Walmart or in an independent bike shop, a bike will inevitably suffer some damage or wear and tear that requires some fix.

Department stores like Walmart do not have a bike service department, so you cannot bring your bike there for a fix. Unless you qualify for a warranty, your best bet is to bring your bike to the local bike shop for repairs. This first service is usually free of charge for bikes that have been bought at the respective independent store, but it is not free for bikes bought elsewhere.

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Is It Cheap To Have A Bike Assembled At A Bike Store?

If you decide not to have your bike assembled at Walmart, you should easily be able to find a local bike shop that can provide you with the service you need at a financial cost.

Assembly fees can vary depending on where you live, the store you go to, and the type of bike that needs assembling. The cost of a standard bike assembly at a bike shop can range from $60 to $200. The price rises when the bike is not bought in the respective store or needs components purchased elsewhere.

Generally, bike shops should have no problem assembling a bike bought from department stores like Walmart. Bike stores usually do not require you to make a booking before bringing your bike over. You can bring it to the store without notice. The assembly of a Walmart-bought bike should take a couple of days at most.

Should You Assemble Your Bike Yourself?

Since there is a risk that your bike may not be correctly assembled when it is bought and assembled at a department store, it may be worthwhile to take the time to assemble your bike yourself. In addition, you could save yourself the costs of having it done by a professional.

Department stores like Walmart will let you buy a bike unassembled. However, as previously mentioned, putting together a bike is challenging. If you are not knowledgeable about bikes like most department store employees, you could make the same mistakes that could potentially lead to severe consequences.

The advantage of putting your bike together yourself is that you are likely not under the same time pressure that store employees are to assemble your two-wheeler. Taking your time, especially if this is a new experience, is essential for a successful outcome in this case.

Based on your expertise, a bike can be assembled in a few hours to a few days. Time can also be added if your bike has specifications or particular components that need to be installed. With proper preparation, setting aside a whole day should be enough to assemble a standard road or mountain bike bought at Walmart.

What Do You Need To Assemble A Bike At Home?

If you hope to do the job right, you will need to have several tools before beginning the assembly.

Here are the tools and some accessories you’ll need for the assembly:

  • Allen keys
  • Center Lock Tool
  • Wire cutters, scissors, or clippers
  • Knife
  • Grease 
  • Open-end wrenches 
  • Different sized screwdrivers
  • An air pump

Can You Return An Assembled Bike To Walmart?

Walmart’s return policy allows customers to return defective or wrong-sized bikes to the store where different options are available for the customer, such as getting a refund or exchanging it for other merchandise.

However, to be eligible for a refund or exchange, you must return your bike within 90 days of its purchase, along with the receipt and original packaging. The window is reduced to 30 days for electric bikes.


Though Walmart will assemble your new bike for free, store employees are not trained in bike mechanics and are not guaranteed to assemble the bike appropriately. If delivered to your door, Walmart can send a professional to assemble your bike at home, but not for free.

For Walmart customers with a disassembled bike, depending on the budget and time available, customers can choose between putting together their bike at home or having it assembled at a bike store.


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