Does Biking Build Quads?

Do your quads grow if you go biking? You may consider biking if you’re looking for cardio training that promotes muscle growth. There are plenty of advantages to biking. However, is biking only useful for cardio, or does it grow your muscles too?

Biking promotes muscle growth and builds your quads, especially biking up and down hills. You can train your quads and burn fat at the same time while biking. Biking has several additional health benefits, including better sleep and increased cardiovascular fitness. It is also great for recovery.

Although biking generally builds quad muscles, certain types of biking promote the quad muscles even better. So, you might wonder how biking helps to build quads. What biking style builds quads the best? And are there any other benefits of biking? Stick around, because we’ll discuss these questions and more.

Does Biking Build Quad Muscles?

Biking is an excellent exercise that far too few people disregard. Although biking has many benefits, you might wonder if biking will help you build quad muscles. Fortunately, it does. You may have seen your spinning instructor and professional cyclists have legs of steel, and this is because of the strength required when biking.

Biking not only helps to build your quad muscles, but it also strengthens the other muscles in your lower body, including your:

  • Hamstrings
  • Glutes
  • Calves

Furthermore, biking helps to strengthen your core muscles, improve your posture, and burns fat. We’ll discuss more health benefits of biking later. How does biking build quad muscles, you may ask?

You push your legs onto the bike pedals when biking to help you move forward. The force needed to push you forward is what stimulates your glute muscles, helping them grow stronger and become more powerful. This helps to build and define the quad muscles, making them stronger and helping you to pedal harder and faster.

Furthermore, when pulling up on the pedals to get your leg back in the starting position, your hamstring muscles are engaged, which helps them grow. As you bike, your calves and glutes are working the entire time, giving you a well-rounded lower-body workout.

In addition to targeting the lower body, your core is also engaged. Because you need to keep your balance while pedaling, your core muscles work the entire time to keep you upright and balanced. Therefore, biking also targets your abdominal muscles and stabilizers.  

While any type of biking helps to build quad muscles, certain types of biking build quad muscles faster.

How To Cycle To Build Quads?

You must improve your overall biking technique to build bigger quad muscles while biking. This means focusing on all the aspects of biking, including the other muscles and your hip flexors. You can bike faster when all these muscles work together, and your quad muscles will grow even bigger.

Building quad muscles on a bike requires a combination of strength, endurance, and speed training. Each type of training develops your quad muscles differently, which helps them grow bigger and more defined.

Therefore, you should focus on a variety of biking terrains. You should incorporate speed and endurance training when cycling on a stationary bike or a spinning bike. This will ensure that your quad muscles grow and become more defined as you lose fat.

Furthermore, you should focus on improving your hip mobility and joints. This will give you a better range of motion, allowing you to bike more effectively, which also helps your quads grow. You can focus on improving your hip mobility by pedaling with one leg only.

Clip one foot in and rest the other on a bench. Then cycle at an easy pace for a few minutes, increasing the time as your hip flexors become stronger.

If cycling on the road, you should incorporate hill ascents and descends to help build your quad muscles. Also, incorporate flat road cycling to ensure all the muscles get equal work.

Finally, doing other strength exercises, such as squats, lunges, and leg presses, will help your quads grow even bigger. Biking is perfect for your training routine if you want to build bigger quads. If you haven’t biked before, we recommend starting by attending a few spinning classes to get used to the feeling and learn how the different bike settings work.

Other Health Benefits Of Biking

In addition to building muscles, biking offers many other benefits. These benefits not only include health benefits, but biking also affects the environment. However, biking has so many health benefits that you cannot help but dust yours off and pump the wheels when you learn them. So, what are the benefits of biking?

Biking Helps With Cardiovascular Fitness

In addition to helping your quad muscles grow big, biking is also an excellent form of cardio. Cardiovascular fitness relates to your heart health and how much strain your heart can take. Therefore, you will have a stronger, better-functioning heart by improving your cardiovascular fitness. In addition, your lung capacity improves, and your body can better use the oxygen it is given.

Biking Promotes Weight Loss

Any type of biking, be it speed or strength training, places your body in a state to lose weight. When biking, your body needs a lot of energy to feed your muscles and give them the power to push the pedals and move you forward. This energy comes from your body’s fat reserves.

Therefore, biking is the perfect exercise if you want to lose fat and build muscle simultaneously. If you want to burn more fat while biking, try taking hill ascents and descends. These increase your heart rate, making you burn more fat.

Biking Improves Joint And Bone Health

We’ve mentioned that you need to have strong hip flexors when biking. Well, biking also improves your joint and bone health. Biking isn’t as hard on your joints as some other exercises, like running. In addition, biking helps to keep your joints moving, which keeps them strong and healthy.

Furthermore, exercises like biking help to keep your bones dense. Increased bone density combats health problems such as osteoporosis. Denser bones may also help prevent the severity of arthritis and will help you have stronger bones when you get older.

Biking Helps You Sleep Better

Exercise releases many significant hormones, including dopamine. These hormones improve your mood and also help you sleep better. This is because dopamine lowers your stress levels. And, if you are less stressed, you can sleep much better. The more dopamine you have, the less cortisol your body secretes. And the less cortisol your body secretes, the less stressed you will feel.

Furthermore, biking tires you out. Being physically tired is an excellent way to help you sleep faster and better. Therefore, biking can help combat insomnia and will give you better quality sleep throughout the night.

Biking Helps Reduce Muscle Stiffness

When you first start biking, you will notice that you are incredibly stiff and sore the following day. However, as you get fitter through biking, you will notice that biking helps reduce your muscle stiffness. This is because biking after a workout helps remove the lactic acid built up in the muscles.

Lactic acid is what causes muscle stiffness. Therefore, if you go for a bike ride after training, you won’t be as stiff the following day. You also won’t feel as stiff after an intense bike ride because biking removes the lactic acid from your muscles. However, doing a proper cool-down routine after biking is still crucial to reduce the chances of being stiff or injured.

Biking Is Better For The Environment

In addition to being fantastic for your health, biking is also great for the environment. Biking doesn’t produce toxic gases like cars or other transportation modes. Therefore, if you decide to bike to work or school, you save the planet while improving your health.

Furthermore, biking is a lot cheaper than driving your car. Therefore, if you live in a city suitable for biking, we highly recommend bike riding to work or school instead of taking a car or bus. It is not only good for the environment, but you’ll get so much benefit from the fresh air and time to clear your mind while biking.

Can Biking Help With Muscle Recovery?

Although you may be more interested in how biking can build your quad muscles, we also thought we’d share the recovery benefits of biking. As mentioned above, biking can help reduce muscle stiffness as part of your recovery after an intense workout. Biking is excellent for recovery and rehabilitation.

For example, suppose you are trying to recover from a muscle injury. In that case, biking can help improve blood circulation to the injured muscle, helping it recover faster. In addition, many rehabilitation specialists like biking as a form of rehabilitation because it is easier on your joints than running and helps build muscle simultaneously.

If you want to incorporate biking into your recovery regime, start biking at a moderate pace for thirty minutes. This will improve the blood flow to the muscle and get your body moving without putting strain on your joints or muscles.


Biking helps to build quad muscles. When biking, your quads are responsible for pushing down on the pedals and moving you forward. Therefore, by doing strength, resistance, and endurance training, you can build your quad muscles by biking.

Biking has many other advantages, such as improved sleep, weight loss, and joint health. Biking is also great for the environment. In addition, you can go for a bike ride as part of your recovery to reduce muscle stiffness and improve blood circulation.


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